Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” is Still So Popular, It’s Gone Triple Platinum


It takes a lot for a song or album to make it to platinum status under the Recording Industry Association Of America‘s (RIAA) guidelines. It needs to hit at the right time, it needs to make fans want to go out and buy your shit, and it’s gotta have enough staying power to sustain more than a million sales. But in the case of Avenged Sevenfold‘s 2013 single “Hail To The King,” that shit is now triple platinum, meaning more than three million copies have made their way into the hands of adoring fans.

Now, we all know that when something gets insanely popular in metal, it’s immediately branded as garbage by “true fans,” but let’s think about this for a second. “Hail To The King” is extremely accessible, so that helps boost its sale numbers among normies, and it’s been featured outside of metal circles as a track in Rock Band 4 and as the theme song to Wrestlemania 32. It only makes sense.

And when you compare “Hail To The King” to any of A7X’s body of work, you quickly see that it stands heads and shoulders above the rest, with this track getting nearly 490 million streams on Spotify, while the next two most popular songs include “Nightmare” at 305 million and “Afterlife” at 206 million.

So yeah, while it’s not on the level of something like “Enter Sandman” at more than a billion listens, it’s still a crazy popular/successful song for A7X.

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