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Autopsy Have a New Album Coming Titled “Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts”


Hope you’re ready for some more disgusting, flesh-rending death metal, as Autopsy have just announced they’ve got another album titled Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts coming this October. The new slate of songs will be available a little over a year after the release of their previous full-length album Morbidity Triumphant.

Though the purveyors of the putrid and glorifiers of the gory haven’t dropped a new song just yet, Autopsy put out an album trailer featuring some of the album’s gruesome album art, along with some tasty morsels of top shelf death metal.

In addition to the trailer, the band unveiled the album’s cover art and its full track list. With song titled like “Throatsaw,” “Well of Entrails,” and “No Mortal Left Alive,” you can kind of get a sense as to the kind of bloody mayhem you can expect from this upcoming album.

As for potentially getting to see the band live, Autopsy have appearances scheduled at the Candelabrum Fest in Mexico, the Mass Destruction Metal Festival and an appearance at Hell Is For Heroes Festival in 2024.

Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts Track List

01 – Rabid Funeral
02 – Throatsaw
03 – No Mortal Left Alive
04 – Well of Entrails
05 – Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts
06 – Bones To The Wolves
07 – Marrow Fiend
08 – Toxic Death Fuk
09 – Lobotomising Gods
10 – Death Is The Answer
11 – Coagulation

Autopsy Have a New Album Coming Titled “Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts”
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