Sevendust Singer Lajon Witherspoon: “We Don’t Have to Be the Heaviest Band in the World”


There are few heavy bands more reliable than Sevendust at this point in their career that stretches nearly three decades. Part of that can probably be attributed to the band’s smart songwriting and touring decisions, like a recent interview in which singer Lajon Witherspoon discussed the fact that the band sets reasonable expectations for themselves and are willing to experiment, like on latest album Truth Killer.

“We definitely experiment, especially on this album. You definitely can see that from the programming. We kind of went really outside the box, which is fun. And I feel like at the point of our career right now, we’re old enough, we’ve been around long enough that everything doesn’t have to always be, like, you know… ‘Cause you always have those guys, ‘Oh man, they’re not heavy anymore.’ No, we’re seven thousand years old. We don’t have to be the heaviest band in the world. [Laughs] We’ve grown. We have kids. Life changes.

“We’ve grown up as artists, and I feel like the Sevendust family has grown with us and they’ve allowed us to change. I feel like it would be silly to have everything sound the same, because you would just get tired of it. You have to experiment. You have to grow. With anything that you do. I don’t care if you worked at McDonald’s, where I used to work at when I was a kid, you still had to grow. You had to do something different in the spot that you were in. You still have to evolve. And I feel the same way with the music and I feel like we’ve been able to do that, especially with this album too.”

If you want another in-depth Sevendust interview, be sure to listen to Witherspoon’s appearance on the MetalSucks Podcast to discuss Truth Killer.

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