John Corabi Doesn’t Know If Mötley Crüe Use Backing Tracks: “Mick Has Never Really Been a Bullsh*tter”


If you’ve been following the Mötley Crüe lawsuit drama at all, you’re probably aware that Mick Mars alleged that he was the only member of the band using backing tracks on the massive 2022 Stadium Tour. Recently, former singer John Corabi gave his point of view on the situation.

The short answer? Corabi has no fuckin’ clue and hasn’t seen Mötley Crüe in 20 years but believes that Mars isn’t a bullshitter, according to a conversation he had with Cassius Morris.

“Nowadays recording on Pro Tools, ’cause I released a couple of [solo] songs a little bit ago, if you said to me, ‘Hey, can you just give me the rhythm guitar track?’ I could literally just go online, highlight that track and e-mail you just that track. So as far as the drums go or any of that stuff nowadays with computers and all that shit? Yeah, it’s possible. Is it happening? I don’t know. I haven’t toured with Mötley for 27 years, 28 years.”

Corabi denied that the Crüe used any backing tracks when he was in the band beyond the standard sounds to fill out orchestra recordings and the like, which is far from the same thing as piping in your singer’s voice or lead guitar tracks.

“No. I mean, we did use tracks. I’ll say that right now. We were using some backing vocal tracks, and we used, for the song ‘Misunderstood’, there was a 53-piece orchestra on that track, so we just used the orchestra tracks to enhance what we were doing live on stage. But then Nikki was playing bass, Tommy was playing drums, Mick was playing guitar, I was playing guitar and I was singing. Now whether or not they’ve elaborated since — I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t seen Mötley live since… I saw them one time in my entire life, and that was a tour they did in, like, 2003 or 4 with… they toured with Aerosmith. And I saw them that one time, and I haven’t seen them since. So I don’t know about Mick’s claims. Mick has never really been a bullshitter in the past, so if he says they were using tracks, then, you know, maybe they were. I don’t know.”

Corabi has been right about the Mötley Crüe situation before so we’ll see if he’s two for two soon enough, I’m sure.

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