Robert Fripp’s Not Being Cheeky, He Really Likes the Riff in Korn’s Classic Track “Blind”


Robert Fripp doesn’t give a fuck about what you think about the Toyah and Robert’s Sunday Lunch series. Running since the COVID-19 lockdowns back in 2020, the series has been an outlet for him and his wife Toyah Wilcox both online and out on the road, but that’s not the only apparent benefit.

While speaking with Guitar World, the mind behind King Crimson revealed that it’s also been a great way for him to find out about more modern acts and the cool riffs they’re writing. And at the top of the list is Korn‘s Head and Munky, whose iconic riffage in the 1994 classic track “Blind” really struck the 77 year old guitarist.

“I heard Korn for the very first time when we chose to do ‘Blind’ and was really impressed by Head and Munky. They’re heavily into seven-strings and alternative tunings.”

Not known for ever really picking up a seven string guitar, Fripp said he was amazed at how both Head and Munky worked off each other in “Blind.” After noting that he owned a seven string guitar but had lent it out to someone before filming the cover, he said he was stuck having to try to play the song in standard tuning on a six string. As such, he hoped the two men from Bakersfield, California could forgive his transgressions.

“‘Blind’ is such an amazing riff. It’s truly astonishing how the two guitars interact with each other. Doing it as a single guitar tuned to E, I hope they forgive me, but I gave it the best shot I could possibly give it from a place of respect.”

You can check out the full interview over at Guitar World.

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