Ghost Filmed the Last Two Shows of Their Tour for an Apparent Live Album and Video


Earlier this week, fans planning to attend one or both of Ghost‘s recent Los Angeles shows were buzzing with anticipation. For months now, speculation has been swirling that Papa Emeritus IV wasn’t long for this world and that the last two dates of the Re-Imperatour’s U.S. run would be as good a place as any to knock off the figurehead.

Excitement grew for the potential changing of the guard when fans were told ahead of time that cell phone usage was banned during Ghost’s set. Oooooh, secrecyyyyy! Well, those dates came and went and wouldn’t you know it — nothing happened. Well, not nothing, but Papa Emeritus IV is still around. No changing of the guard.

What did happen, however, was an official live recording of the two shows on Monday, September 11 and Tuesday, September 12. In the wee hours of the morning, Ghost posted on their social media accounts that a “film roll” was “in the can” following the band’s performances at the Kia Forum.

“These past couple of days at the historical Inglewood Forum will not only live eternally in our minds, but also on film, wrote the band. “That film roll is now in the can. Thank you all for coming out rockin’!”

During those shows, the band not only played a whole mess of fan favorites like “Spillways” and “Year Zero,” but they finally debuted the groovy “Twenties” off of Impera and brought back the band’s Roky Erickson cover, “If You Have Ghosts.” The full set list for both shows, according to Setlist.FM, was as follows:

  1. “Kaisarion”
  2. “Rats”
  3. “Faith”
  4. “Spillways”
  5. “Cirice”
  6. “Absolution”
  7. “Ritual”
  8. “Call Me Little Sunshine”
  9. “Con Clavi Con Dio”
  10. “Watcher in the Sky”
  11. “If You Have Ghosts”
  12. “Dominion”
  13. “Twenties”
  14. “Year Zero”
  15. “Spöksonat”
  16. “He Is”
  17. “Miasma”
  18. “Mary on a Cross”
  19. “Mummy Dust”
  20. “Respite on the Spitalfields”
  21. “Kiss the Go-Goat”
  22. “Dance Macabre”
  23. “Square Hammer”

So there you have it. We’re getting a live album and whatever we call the modern equivalent of a live DVD… A live Blu-Ray? A live online stream of a past show? What’s the consensus?

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