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Harley Flanagan Releases Official Statement on Fight at Cro-Mags Show


You may have just read our earlier post about an incident that broke out at a Cro-Mags show earlier this week in Frederick, Maryland. While the bulk of the details are unclear, it is known that a fight between Cro-Mags singer/bassist Harley Flanagan and his crew and Defy Zine, a music publication that said they were there to cover the show, which also featured D.R.I. and Deathwish, broke out.

In separate statements, Flanagan alleged that he and his group were jumped by the Defy Zine staff, during which they were maced and Flanagan was cut with a razor. The Defy staff claimed that Flanagan sexually assaulted a female staff member and physically assaulted the group. You can read both claims in full here.

Moments ago, Flanagan issued a statement on the matter. The statement maintains his version of events and says that he and others are cooperating with the police. The statement also contains the claim that the zine staff have been involved in other incidents before and the incident may make its way to the FBI.

You can read the full statement below:

Cro-Mags’ Harley Flanagan and his 20-year-old son were assaulted before a Cro-Mags show they were playing with DRI at Café 611 in Frederick, MD this past Tuesday night, Sept. 12th. A small local “zine” had written to the band prior to the show asking to interview them. In correspondence, the band declined the interview with an explanation but offered them 3 free passes to the show.

According to witnesses, including the owner of the venue and DRI, the group came in and set up a table to sell their magazine. Prior to the show, in a room filled with people, including small children, and Harley’s son, a man and woman from the magazine approached the Cro-Mags merch table next to theirs and started talking. She shared that she was the model on the back cover. Flanagan, in front of his son said, “looks cool, I will pick one up after the show” and walked away. It was not long before the woman started yelling that Flanagan had harassed her, at which point his son came to the other side of the merch table with one of the other people from the magazine who started yelling that Flanagan had assaulted his girlfriend.

As Harley’s son and the man got physical, the man pulled out a can of Mace and sprayed both Flanagan and son directly in their faces. And proceeded to spray the room of patrons with Mace.

The club owner witnessed all of this. Flanagan Jr and the magazine guy soon hit the ground fighting and the rest of their crew, including the girl got involved.

When Flanagan came over, the girl jumped on his back and began hitting him with a billy club. He was at that time slashed with a knife, through his pants. The girl was physically removed from Flanagan’s back by a retired Police Officer, there with his son (who is cooperating with local police).

The club owner came to the melee, police showed up and the magazine group was removed from the premises. Flanagan played the show with a flesh wound and the remnants of mace in his eyes and nose.

Several witnesses have come forward, all cooperating with police, most notably the club owner, the retired police officer and the band DRI.

The band has since received numerous death threats as the magazine has been spreading their story on social media which began with harassment and has now become assault.

Local business owners have since come forward with similar experiences involving the couple from the magazine and are currently cooperating with authorities during the investigation. The FBI may become involved as threats of violence and death have been received across state lines.

The victims pressed charges the morning after the event and the assault is currently being investigated by the Frederick, MD Police Department.

Harley wishes to state emphatically, “the idea of assaulting a woman is reprehensible to me and it didn’t happen and it wouldn’t happen.”

Any further comments will come from Mr. Flanagan’s attorney Harley Breite, Esq. of Wayne, NJ.

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