To The Grave, Myrkur, and DragonForce Added to The MetalSucks Playlist


It’s too nice out to be cooped up inside, so I’m going to try to run through this week’s playlist update as quickly as possible for both of our sakes. After all, this week’s update is pretty straight forward.

As far as new tracks go, we added a decent amount of tracks to the playlist, including tunes from DragonForce, Myrkur, and To The Grave. Talk about a range of sounds. But of those aren’t good enough for ya, we have new Baroness, Suffocation, and Spite thrown in for good measure.

As always, we’ve updated the playlist on both Spotify and Apple Music, so feel free to hit play below or search for MetalSucks in the app to find the new list. And while you’re at it, feel free to subscribe to our podcast and other playlists if you choose.

All we ask in return is that you remember to also follow/like/subscribe/whatever the playlists so you never miss the new tracks added each week.

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