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John Petrucci Talks Touring with Mike Portnoy, New Dream Theater Album Update

Petrucci is open to touring solo material with Portnoy on drums + Dream Theater may write and record this year!

Deftones Tease New Song, “Genesis”

The second single from 'Ohms' will arrive on Friday.

Baroness Already Have 30 Songs Written for Next Album

John Baizley tells us that the band has taken advantage of the quarantine to work on new material.

Lars Ulrich Explains Why He Doesn’t Want a Metallic Biopic

The drummer says he isn't comfortable following in the footsteps of Mötley Crüe and Queen.

Scott Hull Says the Next Pig Destroyer Album Will Be “More Extreme” Than Head Cage

In addition to their next full-length, the band is working on a live album and a split with Cherubs.

Hatebreed Tease New Album (Again); New Single Coming Tomorrow?

"Hatebreed returns 9/11/20," according to a new video.

Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares Shares New Details About the Band’s Return

Who's playing drums? Who's playing bass?? And who's paying for the whole thing???

Rob Halford Is Making a Blues Record

He's been working on it with some of the same people who collaborated on his Christmas album, Celestial.

Metallica Have “Lots of [New] Material” Written, Says Lars Ulrich

The band are looking to isolate in a "bubble" soon to jam on some new ideas they've been working on…

Mastodon are “Super-Close” to Recording Next Album

They have more than an album's worth of material written already and plan to record soon.

Listen to a Clip of New Eighteen Visions Music

The band will release a full song next Tuesday, September 8.

Metallica Looking to Isolate in “Bubble” Where They Can Write, Play, and Record New Songs

The band are starting to seriously eye their next album.

Metallica’s James Hetfield Says He’s Written “Tons of Material” During the Quarantine

"For us, we’re road dogs — we’ve been out on the road forever — so you’re either on the road…

Tribulation Announce New Album Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

They've also announced European tour dates with Bølzer and Molassess.

Slayer’s Kerry King Has Two Albums’ Worth of New Music Written

But who will play alongside him in his next band?

There’s Gonna Be a Dio/ Holy Diver Graphic Novel

It comes from Steve Niles and Scott Hampton, the team behind Batman: Gotham County Line.

The New DevilDriver Album Is Coming Early

Dealing with Demons will now be released on October 2 instead of October 9.

Chino Moreno Says Stephen Carpenter is More “Engaged” on New Deftones Album Than on Gore

The guitarist made headlines in 2016 when he said he wasn't especially interested in much of the material on 'Gore.'

Deftones: New Album Cover Art, Track Listing, and Release Date Revealed

Given all the teasing they've been doing lately, this is not much of a surprise... but it's still exciting!