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east of the wall - ressentimentNew Jersey’s East of the Wall are that rare band that appeal to artsy indie types and metal nerds in equal measures; their dazzling blend of technical post-hardcore aggression, melody and indie sensibility is really one of a kind. And the fact that the band kicks so much fucking arse live makes it all the better. These are dudes who, in various formations, used to be in the bands Biclops, Day Without Dawn and The Postman Syndrome, so all those years of live gigging have definitely paid off.

First time I heard their 2008 full-length Farmer’s Almanac, the minute it ended I actually started it right back up again from the very beginning. The music is just that fascinating and intricate, and several full listens later I still haven’t fully grasped the entirety of what’s happening in the music (and this is a good thing). Kip posted some live footage of “I Am Crying Nonstop Hysterically” from that album which you should definitely take a look at. Needless to say, I’m really excited for East of the Wall’s new album Ressentiment, which comes out July 20th on Translation Loss.

As Axl reported back in February, East of the Wall have two new songs currently streaming on their MySpace page. Gravedigger Mag has a third track called “Ocean of Water.” All three are from EOTW’s new album. Get stoked… it’s a doozy. Catch them on tour with Name all over the U.S. in July; dates here.


Thanks: Anthony Burchett

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