Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 30, 2023


Is it hazy in here or is it just those Canadian wildfires?

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 30, 2023

Death Ray Vision

No Mercy From Electric Eyes (Metal Blade)

Massachusetts slayers Death Ray Vision share bassist Mike D’Antonio with legendary metalcore outfit Killswitch Engage, but No Mercy From Electric Eyes is much more indebted to hardcore punk, thrash and crossover. In the tradition of all great hardcore bands, No Mercy From Electric Eyes is loaded with songs that were clearly written for the stage. New vocalist Keith Bennett joins the mix, which gives the music a new flavor. At times, his vocals combined with the lively riffing reminds the listener of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 30, 2023

East of the Wall

A Neutral Second (Translation Loss)

A Neutral Second saw long-running progressive heavy act East of the Wall change up their writing and recording style, tracking the album in pieces as they wrote the songs. It’s hard to classify the songs on A Neutral Second but they pull from a bevy of progressive and post- influences to make it happen. Their sixth album marks the first time the East of the Wall lineup remained the same for an entire recording period, which further intensifies the dense-but-coherent nature of A Neutral Second.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 30, 2023


Annihilational Intercention (Listentable)

The re-activated technical death-thrash trio known as Hellwitch release their third album (and second since coming out of retirement in 2004), Annihilational Intercention. There’s a lot of fun to be had on this album, especially in the flashy guitar work that sounds like it might descend into actual madness at any time, a la Slayer. Guitarist Pat Ranieri also lends his shriek to the band, adding a high-pitched layer of recognizability to their sound. Annihilational Intercention is about as good as ’80s thrash reunions get; if you like bands like Toxik and Believer, this is worth a spin.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – June 30, 2023


All Hell’s Breaking Loose (Silver Lining Music)

How Raven are still going strong as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal outfit ride closer to their 50th anniversary is a mystery but All Hell’s Breaking Loose is another solid notch in the band’s discography. At this point in their career, Raven aren’t changing their sound much but All Hell’s Breaking Loose features enough speed metal hallmarks and John Gallagher’s got enough vocal prowess left that they’re still a fun listen.

Other Shit That Comes Out Today:

Bastard Noise, Incineration Prayer / Self Righteous Suicide (Armageddon Label) Listen
Before the Dawn, Stormbringers (Napalm) Listen
Coffin Mulch, Spectral Intercession (Memento Mori) Listen
Loma Prieta, Last (Deathwish Inc) Listen
Ostraca, Disaster (Corrupt) Listen
Spine, Raíces (Convulse) Listen
Throw the Fight, Strangworld (Long Branch) Listen

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Kamelot – I Am The Empire (Live concert and bonus tour documentary)

Grab your air guitars and royal robes, folks! Kamelot’s ‘I Am The Empire’ is galloping onto Thunderflix like a knight late for a joust! Prepare for an epic headbangin’ banquet of symphonic metal!

Infected Rain – The Devil’s Dozen

Make way! Infected Rain’s “The Devil’s Dozen” has landed on Thunderflix like a robot from the future with a taste for metal! Picture this: a documentary with more twists than a pretzel factory, and a live concert with special effects that could start an alien invasion. Lena Scissorhands is the metal commander leading this space odyssey, taking you through a wormhole of 13 years of face-melting history. Beam me up, headbangers!

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