Upcoming Bullsh*t



Were we expecting a new Devin Townsend release this year? I dunno. We got two last year, so to ask for more this year is probably greedy. And, honestly, I’m still listening to Addicted and Ki a lot right now. So I’m not gonna cry that we apparently have to wait at least seven more months for new music from Heavy Devy. From Mr. Townsend’s Twitter feed:

Also comforting: those are just The Devin Townsend Project releases he’s talking about. We also still have Ziltoid Deux to look forward to.

Shameless plug: In case you missed it, check out the posts Devin wrote for us when he took over MetalSucks for the entire release day of Addicted. It was probably our proudest moment in MetalSucks history. Seriously, I still can’t believe that happened. Holy shit.


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