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Young Widows - In And Out of Youth and Lightness

Genre-labeling can be a funny thing. So points out Stereogum “Haunting the Chapel” scribe Brandon Stosuy who had this to say about Louisville trio Young Widows:

It could be this morning’s KEN mode and Trap Them listening sessions talking, but pair those knockout efforts with bluesy, sludgy Louisville trio Young Widows‘ In and Out of Youth and Lightness and it feels like 2011’s going to be a good year for various shades of noise rock (or old-man punk or post-noise rock or noisecore or…)

Pigeonholing be damned, let’s all just get along and rock out with our collective cocks out (and jam out with our collective clams out) for a change because the new Young Widows track “Future Heart” provides us all with an opportunity to do exactly that. The one time I saw these cats live (Bowery Ballroom in 2009 with Russian Circles) they impressed the hell outta me with an intense live presence and simple but effective light show. This new track immediately struck me as being less heavy than what I’ve heard of theirs in the past, so, not being well-versed in this band’s discography, I confirmed that suspicion with a quick listen to some of their older stuff on their MySpace page. But you know what? It’s all good. In the land of the Super Brutal MS Mansion oftentimes a change of pace is quite welcome.

Check out “Future Heart” on Stereogum and look for In And Out Of Youth And Lightness on April 12 via Temporary Residence


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