Not Quite Metal?

Young Widows Bring the Easy Pain on New Track “Kerosene Girl”


Young Widows - Easy Pain

The publicist who pitched us about the new Young Widows track “Kerosene Girl” had the following to offer about the band: “Not technically metal, but I feel like this is in your wheelhouse?” Yes, very much so! This band is positively mesmerizing live, as anyone who’s seen them can attest to (although I haven’t heard any reports on their recent spate of shows in New York and Philadelphia, at which they played their entire new album in full). He then added: “This song fucking pummels.” Yes, yes sir, it absolutely does!

More press language dissection: I absolutely love the descriptor “dark rock” because it so accurately captures the creepy / David Lynch-film / NYC-in-the-’80s vibe that Young Widows’ music evokes. Combining all of those, “Kerosene Girl” might be the soundtrack to some poor young lass’s final moments, right after she’s been doused in gasoline in an NYC back alley and left to burn in a firey, gruesomely painful death… at the end of a David Lynch flick in which nothing really makes sense, natch. I’m sure Young Widows didn’t intend the song title to be so literal, but I’m rolling with it for now.

Stream it below. Easy Pain comes out on May 13th via Temporary Residence.

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