The Nikki Sixx v. Poison battle has gone to such ridiculous heights I’m starting to think Nikki and Bret Michaels are in cahoots and had this whole thing planned out from the very beginning. It’s certainly gotten them a ton of press, right? Who am I kidding… let’s not give either of these dunderheads too much credit for doing anything other than writing good songs 20 years ago.

There’s been so much yammering back and forth since the Motley / Poison tour was announced this Spring that I honestly can’t keep track of who said what anymore. But in the latest tidbit Nikki once again slams Poison as a second-place contender for this tour (emphasis added):

When the concept to do something this summer came up, the economy is in such a bad state that we were going, “How can we do something that is different and the fans feel like they’re getting a bang for their buck?” We loved the idea of the New York Dolls, so it was a matter of filling in the blank. Fans were really pushing for Poison, and we were like, [they] were something that happened after us [in the ’80s]. It wasn’t really what I or the band wanted to do, but you have to listen to the fans and we’re really engaged with the fans. I talked to [Poison lead singer] Bret [Michaels] and said, do you still believe in rock ’n’ roll? And he said, “I live and breathe it.” It will be a great night of hits. And to me, I’m so excited to turn our fans on to the New York Dolls.

Doin’ it for the fans, man! Way to go Nikki. I also love how he continually holds up The New York Dolls as a reason for doing this tour.

Seems like all is copacetic twixt Sixx and Michales, who totally believes in rock n’ roll, man!, but we’re still hoping for an on-stage fist fight at the Nassau Coliseum show on July 20th.


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