Dub Trio

On Saturday night I said to a friend who shall herein remain un-named, “I don’t like dubstep, but I love dub,” and they looked at me like I was crazy. “You know… dub… the reggae kind.” Completely blank stare. So it must be for thousands of dubstep bandwagon hoppers who believe the sub-genre just appeared out of thin air without, you know, like 30 some-odd years of reggae and dub preceding it. It’s the same old story of white suburban teens co-opting black music while ignoring the past, and yeah, now I’m officially old.

On the other-hand, if the current dubstep explosion gains Brooklyn-based Dub Trio even just a little more exposure that is most certainly a good thing. Dub Trio have been cranking out proggy versions of Helmet/Quicksand/Unsane-inspired riffs with vintage dub breaks for seven years already and are about to release their fourth album, the appropriately titled IV, tomorrow via Mike Patton’s Ipecac label ROIR. When I say “vintage dub,” I mean it — in place of today’s computer-generated WOMP WOMP WOMPs Dub Trio drummer / groove machine Joe Tomino just uses a delay-soaked microphone that he holds up to the kit while he plays live for that echo’ed-out dub goodness. Tomino and his two Dub Trio companions are stupidly tight live; their records are great, too, but you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Tune into the Village Voice to hear “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind” from the new album, or stream it below. Dub pedal activate at approximately 2:10!

Dub Trio – “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind”


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