Tour de Force



This probably isn’t going to come as a huge shock, given that the band basically tweeted as much a couple of days ago, but given how much we love them, it seems worth reporting: following weeks of rumors and speculation, The Human Abstract have now confirmed that they’ll be appearing at the Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic this August. The rest of the line-up is just as cool: other bands on the bill include At the Gates, Machine Head, Godflesh, Converge, Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, and literally hordes of other awesome bands. So, yeah, I’m fairly jealous of any Czech readers right now.

Maybe more importantly, though, this news a) confirms once and for all THA are absolutely not broken-up (hell, their time away has been so short it barely qualifies as a “hiatus”), and b) it means that, almost without a doubt, the band is going to tour Europe this summer — it just doesn’t make sense for them to go all the way across the pond to play one festival. So, actually, I’m not just jealous of Czech readers, but pretty much all European readers. AND your ugly women seem hotter because of their accents. Life just isn’t fair. Although actually you probably don’t find the accents hot because it’s just, like, how you speak. So. Hm.

ANYWAY, I guess the question now is, “Who will handle vocal duties?” The safe money is on Corelia’s Ryan Devlin, who filled-in following the departure of Travis Richter last year. But for all I know, Wes Borland is gonna handle lead vocals from here on out. More news as we get it. In the meantime, you can all relevant details on the Brutal Assault Fest here.


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