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I know some people that would kill babies to hear new Pig Destroyer music in 2012. One of their names rhymes with Maxl, although last I heard from him was a panicked phone call at 4am last night. The reception was really crappy and kept breaking up, but through the static I heard something about “Tijuana” and “prostitutes,” and then the connection cut out. Huh. Hope he’s doing ok.

So, in lieu of Axl, here I am to tell you that WE WILL HEAR NEW PIG DESTROYER MUSIC THIS YEAR!!

How do I know? Our Dimmu Bro-girs at Decibel Magazine spilled the beans in a subscription renewal notice they mailed out to MetalSucks reader James G. (and presumably others who are slacking on renewing the only metal magazine worth a damn). The renewal notice promises “flexis from Pig Destroyer, Deceased and Coffins on the way,” and though it doesn’t specify an exact timeline, I can’t imagine Decibel would pimp a release that’s more than six months away.

At the very least we’ll be hearing one new Pig Destroyer track in 2012, which is great news. But if I were a betting man I’d say this means there’s a full album coming soon, too; it’s not really cost-effective to go into the studio just to record one song, so the flexi is probably a B-side, advance single or other track from a full PD album. It’s been rumored for like FOREVER that Pig Destroyer have been in the studio anyway, so that would make a whole lot of sense.

Let us all rejoice and give ourselves congratulatory high-fives. We did it!


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