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I’ve just been introduced to a band called From All Within. I wasn’t even going to give them a listen, because a) one of their members used to be in Dirge Within so that’s not exactly a glowing recommendation, and b) in the band’s picture, the singer is wearing a white t-shirt while all the other dudes are wearing black t-shirts, and I know it’s wrong to judge an album by its cover, but let’s be real, if your band coordinates your stage clothes and your band isn’t Rammstein or Gwar, you are wasting your life.

But I DID listen to From All Within, and I’ll tell you why: because of their name. It doesn’t mean anything. The word “from” suggests a point of origin, as in “The band originally hails from Cocktardville.” But “all” is not a point of origin — it’s a measurement. And that might not matter if it was immediately followed by another measurement, so that they were ostensibly graphing the distance between two points — for example, “From All to Nothing,” From Here to Eternity, “From First to Worst,” etc. — but it’s not. It’s followed by… a fucking point of origin. It’s like saying “To Ounces Forgottengenericorebandland.” It’s gibberish. Yoda spoke in clearer English.

I mean, the name “All From Within” would have a very clear meaning. But no. They had to be called “From All Within,” I guess because it sounds more like the name of a band that would have been on Sounds of the Underground six years ago.

I mean. Fucking hell, dude.


[via The PRP]

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