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Good news for music nerds in the tri-state area: on September 7, nearly a year to the day after Metal Masters 2, there will be a Metal Masters 4 at The Gramercy Theater in Manhattan.

Down’s Phil Anselmo, Kerry King and Dave Lombardo from Slayer, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, and Frankie Bello from Anthrax, Gary Holt from Exodus, and Billy Sheehan from eighteen gajillion different bands are all scheduled to appear. And if past editions of the clinic/jam session series are any indication, there will also be some special surprise guests.

As someone who can only listen to people talk about scales and tunings and ball cheese for so long before I start to play ice cream truck music in my head, I found the most enjoyable part of Metal Masters 2 to be Anselmo doing some old Pantera tunes with an all-star backing band. But if scales and tunings and ball cheese is your thing, you will fucking love this. Also, Bello is a really funny orator. Just sayin’. I could probably stand to listen to that dude talk about his adolescence some more.

Tickets are on sale now here. With fees and everything it will cost you $29.


[via Noisecreep]


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