Okay so not exactly “dominates,” but still —

This past December, Rolling Stone published their list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of all Time,” and never mind that there wasn’t enough metal on it, it really just plain old sucked. So I have to imagine that the editors of Spin were highly aware of what dangerous ground they were treading when they made their own list, which comes with this declaration:

“For this list, we veer toward the alternative canon that kicks in with the Velvet Underground trying to erase that form entirely, making guitar solos gauche and using instruments as sadomasochistic tools for hammering out sheets of white heat.”

I definitely do not agree with the list, but I will say this: they got a lot of awesome metal guitarists on there, and if it help make even one more person in the world aware of Carcass, Jesu, or Krallice, I’m all for it.

I’ve listed all the metal, hardcore, or sorta-metal guitarists who made the list after the jump in alphabetical order, so you could get some sense of what I’m talking about without spoiling all the fun. But if you wanna just read the whole thing without any spoilers, go here.


Trey Azagthoth
Mick Barr
Justin Broadrick
King Buzzo
Dylan Carlson
Kurt Cobain
Greg Ginn
Josh Homme
Tony Iommi
Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman (listed together)
Dr. Know
Tom Morello
Dave Navarro
Vernon Reid
Bill Steer
Ben Weinman
Chuck Schuldiner
Kim Thayil


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