If you’ve ever thought that the only thing Emmure are missing is a synthesizer making constant frog noises, today must be your lucky day: meet Exotype.

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it’s really telling that two members of the band (the vocalist and drummer) look like they wanna be in Suffokate, while the other two members of the band (the guitarists) look like they wanna be in the mid/late 90s incarnation of Nine Inch Nails. This band takes the worst parts of dumbcore and unindustrious¬†industrial. Twenty years ago they would have been Godhead, ten years ago they would have been Korn or maybe even Limp Bizkit, etc. They’re the kind of band that makes Bleeding Through seem like Gojira by comparison.

Also telling: the band has no keyboardist or sampler or whatever, despite the fact that the single loudest element in their mix is all the miscellaneous computer noises. Even if some of these sounds are being made by effects-heavy guitars (see: Vernon Reid, Buckethead, etc.), there are enough places in the video where the synths are still going even though no one is playing anything. So their live show must be largely done to tape, right? How exciting for people who absolutely do not care about musicianship! If I were Exotype, I’d add a hot female keyboard player STAT. They could be signed and playing the All-Stars Tour by Summer 2013!


[via Stuff You Will Hate]

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