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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: October 7, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

Godflesh large

Hi MetalSucks reader! Welcome back to Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of each week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and everybody wins. And if we missed any legit new shit, we beg you to email us! Thanks! Now crank it up!


Godflesh - A World Lit Only by Fire SmallGodflesh
A World Lit Only By Fire (Avalanche)
On a playlist with: Jesu, Techno Animal, early Pitch Shifter
Listen A World Lit Only By Fire full stream (here)

It was hard to miss all the talk about Godflesh’s first release in 13 years, and for good reason: It’s killer! I cannot recall a solid, fresh industrial release in a while. It strips all notions of pop from the industrial sound. It’s reminiscent of an abandoned third world warehouse (#grit) more so than a pyrotechnic shock-concert at a re-purposed urban venue (#glam), just how it should be!


Rigor Mortis - Slaves to the GraveRigor Mortis
Slaves To The Grave (Rigor Mortis)
On a playlist with: Sacrifice, Morbid Saint, Razor
Listen Slaves To The Grave full stream (here)

Slaves To The Grave is exactly what you’d expect, an album so unmistakably Rigor Mortis it actually gives you rigor mortis. Like Christmas when opening a present that you weren’t surprised at all to receive. But it’s what you wanted! Also take into consideration that plenty of you, dear MS readers, were born after Rigor Mortis released their previous album. So it’s not a landmark day only for those whose hearts/wardrobes still live in the 1980s.


Colossus (Small Stone)
On a playlist with: Wo Fat, Roadsaw, Sasquatch
Listen Colossus full stream (here)

Colossus is an album you can’t resist, kind of like a cheesecake. I mean, it’s so catchy and so groovy that the part of your brain which controls your dick and hips can hardly refuse it. And why would you? Simple, fast, clean rock-metal with more bait than a fisher’s convention. And cheesecake.


in search of sun the world is yoursIn Search Of Sun
The World Is Yours (Raging Demon)
On a playlist with: Periphery, The Haunted, Soilwork
Listen “The World Is Yours” (here) (here)

Amid so much downtrodden and downbeat metal jams, it’s refreshing to hear something with a bit more “fuck yeah baby!” Just imagine Periphery’s poppiness + The Haunted’s Dolving-era groove + Soilwork’s posi feels. But The World Is Yours isn’t too serious an album, and you shouldn’t be serious about it either. It certainly won’t win any awards, but it kinda wins your heart.


pyre Human HecatombPyre
Human Hecatomb (Chaos)
On a playlist with: Hail Of Bullets, Asphyx, Dismember
Listen “Merciless Disease” (here)

A Russian take on old-school DM with crunch turned up to 4,000? And some groove? Yep, I was signed up just by hearing about “Merciless Disease,” which you should be listening to now. Simple triplets, simple power chord progressions, and simple chorus-verse-chorus song structures: Human Hecatomb is the perfect blend of these classic bits and some farm fresh death-groove. Rips.


As We Draw - MiragesAs We Draw
Mirages (Throatruiner)
On a playlist with: Plebeian Grandstand, Coalesce, Deafheaven
Listen “Losing Ground” (hereMirages full stream (here)

No band could round out Throatruiner’s impressive lineup of French post-metal as well as As We Draw. I loved 2010’s Lines Breaking Circles, and now I love Mirages even more. It has what most aspiring post-metal aspires to: a Kafkaesque, nightmarish feeling of being lost. Across Mirages, AWD ebbs and flows gorgeously — and flaunts spot-on production and enough mood to get horns from an entire crowd. It’s one of those must listen albums which is why it’s at the end of this list as David Lee Rothmund’s Best Shit Ever of The Week!



Abazagorath The Satanic Verses (Eternal Death) listen
Alexanred Always Active (Inverse) listen listen
Algoma Reclaimed By The Forest (Dead Beat) listen
Alive Like Me Only Forever (Rise) listen listen
Alunah Awakening the Forest (Napalm) listen
As Light Dies The Love Album: Volume 1 (Maa) listen
exotoAudrey Horne Pure Heavy (Napalm) listen
Castle Freak Still Rotting EP (Tridroid) listen
Chainfist Scarred (Mighty Music) listen
Cold Blue Mountain Old Blood (Halo of Flies) listen
» Couch Slut My Life As A Woman (Handshake Inc.) listen
» Exoto Beyond The Depths Of Hate (Vic) listen
Exotype Exotype (Rise) listen
The Francesco Artusato Project Our Dying Sun (Sumerian) listen
ohhmsGormathon Following The Beast (Napalm) listen listen listen
Hellion Karma’s A Bitch EP (New Renaissance) listen
Hurtsmile Retrogrenade (Slipkid) listen listen
Keep The Promise A Peaceful Mission Of War (To React) listen
Lavatory Morbid Terror (Pulverised) listen
Mausoleum Gate Mausoleum Gate (Cruz del Sur) listen
» Ohhms Bloom (Holy Roar) listen
Orange Goblin Back From The Abyss (Candlelight) listen
Seizures The Sanity Universal (Melotov Records) listen
Vomitile Mastering the Art of killingSixx:A.M. Modern Vintage (Eleven Seven) listen

Solitary Sabred Redemption Through Force (Pitch Black) listen listen
Stench Venture (Agonia) listen
Sumia Until We Shine Again (Inverse) listen
Texas Hippie Coalition Ride On (Carved) listen
» Vomitile Mastering The Art Of Killing (Pitch Black) listen
Winterfylleth The Divination Of Antiquity (Candlelight) listen
Womit Angel Holy Goatse (Inverse) listen listen


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