Video: Dude Uses His Cell Phone as a Drumstick as Revenge Against T-Mobile


“Good service” and cell phone companies go together about as well as Ted Cruz and congress. They’re some of the filthiest, scummiest, gnarliest pond scum on the planet, which you can surely attest to if you’ve ever had any kind of issue to take up with customer service… which is all of us.

So we really don’t blame Exotype drummer Michael Levine for taking out his aggression the only way he knows how when T-Mobile wouldn’t replace a brand new Galaxy S7 that was defective: on his drum kit. Bonus points for using the phone in a multitude of ways!

As of press time the video’s already racked up 177k views since last night, so we hope T-Mobile takes notice soon and gives the man the service he deserves. All press is good press… except when it isn’t.

Thanks to Gear Gods for this one.


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