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Drummers — You MUST watch Ultimate Drumming Technique


I can’t even tell you how many drummers have raved about Ultimate Drumming Technique to me in the past few weeks. The Brent Weinbach-created instructional video/tutorial/whatever you would call it (“drum clinic in video form,” perhaps?) has become a viral sensation within the drumming community. Apparently Weinbach’s technique really is flawless — but, more than that, the exercise he has designed to hone that technique is both incredibly simple and incredibly helpful.

The video is not embeddable, but you can watch it here. I should warn you that it’s actually NSFW due to some nudity. I know it seems weird that you’d have nudity in a drumming technique video, but it’s used as part of a metaphor for a concept Weinbach is attempting to explain. It’s a provocative choice, to be sure, but it actually makes perfect sense, and you can’t blame Weinbach for wanting to draw attention to his work… especially when the work is this freakin’ good. Watch.

[via Metal Injection]

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