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David Draiman’s New Band Sucks as Bad as His Old One


Alas, Disturbed aren’t dunzo… but they are on hiatus. Lest you think David Draiman would just let some time go by without annoying the ever-loving fuck out of you, though, he’s launched a new band, called Device, I guess because he really, really likes the letter “D.”

ANYWAY, the band has now released their first single, “Vilify,” and what it demonstrates is that if David Draiman is capable of making good music, he refuses to share that talent with the world. He could have gone off and written any record he damn well pleases, but this is basically Disturbed Deux. Seriously, if you can listen to the part where he screams “HUH!” (1:18) with a straight face, you must be in a coma.

But yeah, by all means, let’s have this dude produce the new Trivium album. What could go wrong?

Device’s self-titled debut comes out April 5.

[via Metal Insider]


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