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Faith Offers No Salvation


Faith Offers No Salvation

Two years after his split with The Red Chord, drummer Brad Fickeisen has finally returned with a new project… and said project is not at all a letdown.

The band is called No Salvation, and they’ve just released their debut album, Faith. Although not as schizophrenic as Fickeisen’s old band, No Salvation are still renaissance ment who bend genres at their will: death metal, grind, thrash, and hardcore are all fair game to No Salvation. And there’s at least one track, “Croweater,” which is situated at least partially in stoner metal territory, and another, “Capsize,” which might best be described as  “melo-doom.”

Of course, playing a spectrum of metallic styles wouldn’t mean shit if the songs weren’t good — but No Salvation seem to have a genuine talent for each and every genre into which they dip their toe. I could just as easily imagine the band on a bill with Weekend Nachos as I could Graf Orlock or Early Man or Mutilation Rites — fans of any of those bands would dig them.

No Salvation are going to start playing shows soon, so now would be a good time to familiarize yourself with their most excellent work. You can stream Faith below, and download it for just five bucks on their Bandcamp page. You can and should also keep up with the band via Facebook and Twitter.

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