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The Modern Age Slavery: Shackles You Will Want to Wear


The Modern Age Slavery - Requieum for Us All

Who says album art isn’t important anymore? I checked out Requiem for Us All, the new album from Italy’s The Modern Age Slavery, based solely on whatever fucked-up thing is happening in the image that graces its cover. Because the font of the band’s logo is undeniably deathcore-ish, I was expecting to be let down; instead I’m wondering why no one told me about this band sooner. I suppose there is kind of a deathcore element to their music, but it’s in an All Shall Perish, neo-Job for a Cowboy kinda way, which is to say, “modern death metal” is really a more apt description. This band would fit in perfectly on Summer Slaughter, but they’d seem out of place on The All Stars Tour, y’know?

The band are currently streaming two tracks from Requiem. The first is the title track, which opens the album; the song is good all the way through, but the section that really sold me on this band is the epic machine gun riffage that kicks in at the 1:43 mark. If that shit doesn’t make you wanna crush some skulls, you’re far too well-adjusted to be listening to metal anyway.

The second track is called “The Silent Death of Cain,” and I suspect the only info you really need to be lured into a listen is this: it features a guest appearance by Fleshgod Apocalypse guitarist/vocalist Tommaso Riccardi.

You’re on board now, right? See, I told you it was good shit. No need to thank me, just doin’ my job.

The Modern Age Slavery’s Requiem for Us All comes out March 19 on Pavement Entertainment. You can pre-order it here.

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