Show Us Your MetalSucks: The Mayan Ruins Edition


MetalSucks t-shirt

MetalSucks reader Matt C., known to you commenters as “therealmetalmatt,” recently visited the Mayan ruins in the City of Tikal in the northern part of Guatemala. “Epic” doesn’t even begin to describe the scope of these photographs he took at the ruins of himself donning his Vertebrae33-designed MetalSucks t-shirt; we’re just a little disappointed that Matt wasted a perfectly good opportunity to strike black metal poses, opting for a friendly, un-metal smile instead.

For participating in our self-aggrandizing Show Us Your MetalSucks series, we’ll be rewarding Matt with a box of free metal swag in the mail. We’ll do the same for you or anyone else who sends in photos of themselves wearing MetalSucks merch to news[at]; you’ll get a bunch of CDs and a sweet t-shirt for less than most band t-shirts cost. Sweet deal.



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