Enlarge MS reader Paul M. conjuring evil spirits with In The Presence of Wolves

Show Us Your MetalSucks: The In The Presence of Wolves Edition


MetalSucks reader Paul M. is no stranger to our ongoing Show Us Your MetalSucks series, in which we reward those of you who buy our official t-shirts and hoodies by sending you a free box o’ metal merch — containing CDs, shirts, stickers, and other assorted goodness — via the old fashioned Postal Service. Paul previously bro’d down with Lazer/Wulf in his MS hoodie, and now he’s done so again with In the Presence of Wolves, an unsigned band from New Jersey we featured on MS last year.

The moral of the story: going to random shows pays dividends! Here, we’ll let Paul take it away with his tale of how the above photo came to be:

Yesterday I was bored at work, so I thought I would see if there were any cool shows I would want to go to that night. I found one and started to check out the music of the bands on the bill and thus decided to go. As I was researching the bands, I saw that MetalSucks featured ‘In The Presence Of Wolves’ as an awesome new band. So I thought it would be appropriate to grab my MS hoodie and get a pic with them. After their set I approached them and they were super cool and stoked about the pic. They put on a great show, they were professional and really gave it their all as they were very energetic on the stage. I would definitely go and see them again. They had some cool shirts so I picked one up and added them to my Spotify playlist. So here it is Show Us Your MetalSucks: The In The Presence Of Wolves Edition.

Thanks, Paul! We’ll be sending some more metal swag out to you pronto. Other MS readers can also get a free box of metal goodies by sending in photos of yourself sporting official MetalSucks merch to news[at]metalsucks.net. Don’t sleep on this deal of a lifetime!

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