Contest: Tell Us What Animal David Draiman Sounds Like Now, Win Some Album That Isn’t by Device or Disturbed!


Draiman Animal Noise Contest

Everyone knows the thing for which David Draiman is most famous: it’s that stupid fucking monkey noise he makes at the beginning of Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness.” When he dies, his grave might as well say “OHH-AHH-AHH-AHH-AH!!!”

Draiman Tombstone

But now Draiman, ever the innovator, is pushing the envelope by making another strange noise at the twenty-second mark of “Penance,” the new single from Device:

While it’s highly unlikely Draiman will ever be able to top the infamy of the “Sickness” monkey noise — because you never forget your first love!!! — it does seem unavoidable that this sound be one the great irritations of 2013.

The only problem is… us simple bloggers here at MetalSucks can’t quite figure out how to describe it!

So we’re turning things over to you, our beloved readers. Use the below form to enter and tell us what animal sounds most like Draiman’s latest strange sound — and feel free to include a YouTube link! — by Monday, April 1, and Axl and Vince will review the entries and announce a winner the following day (which, oh hey wouldn’t cha know it, is the same day Device’s album is released). We’ll send the winner a special mystery prize… which we swear on our hearts, hope to die, will not be related to Disturbed, Device, or any other project related to Draiman.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now!!!




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