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Where Are They Now: These Awesome Ex-Bruce Dickinson Guys


Bruce Dickinson 1996 Skunkworks

Even in metal, there’s no shortage of budding studio musicians and future stage-hogs. Heck, just breeze by Berklee or MI on a Wednesday and marvel at their multitudes. For example, there’s my cuddly bud Carlos, a Richie Sambora superfan, guitarist of intimidating skill, and would-be hitmaker. I covet his work schedule, a hectic scramble between pay-to-play sessions and our gang’s barf parties. And think of the bajillion other guys ahead of and behind him in line, all trying to get the good gigs but mostly doing lessons and waiting tables. Makes you think. Is it all worth it?

lol That’s what I think when I lament the (figurative) disappearance of the guys from Bruce Dickinson’s band Skunkworks. Active from like 1994 to 1996, the trio backed the Iron Maiden singer on an oddball live album and their masterful eponymous album, um Skunkworks. Those fuckers are awesome (below, stay for the finale)! But once Dickinson shed the band’s Deep Purple-meets-Butch Vig hard rock … we heard nothing further from guitarist Alex Dickson, bassst Chris Dale, and godly drummer Alex Elena. Here in the internet age, we can see that the guys have kept sorta busy with inconsequential projects and unworthy side gigs — Robbie Williams, Tank (?), Ricky Gervais (??), producer Machine’s band (???) — but gosh can we all  agree to crowdfund us up a new project for these guys? Can they be the new Nine Inch Nails or Megadeth or something? Their chemistry, their power, their songs — so awesome! Check out this jam and join us in longing:

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