Here’s the David Lynch-Directed Video for Nine Inch Nails’ “Came Back Haunted”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Reznor and Lynch

Last week’s news that David Lynch was directing Nine Inch Nails’ new video for “Came Back Haunted” created a lot of excitement, because David Lynch + NIN = PURE FUCKING WIN!, right? But as I said at the time, “I don’t think Lynch’s work was always brilliant, but it was certainly always interesting.” And, unfortunately, while this video is interesting — sort of — it’s not brilliant.

The problem with it, honestly, is an unnecessary redundancy of imagery. Large portions of it may remind viewers of the videos bands like NIN and Tool play on a loop in the background of their concerts. It’s not always enthralling. But, like I said, it is pretty interesting, at least upon an initial viewing. Watch:

“Came Back Haunted” will appear on Nine Inch Nails’ new album, Hesitation Marks, which comes out September 3. Trent Reznor and company kick off a tour later that same month; get dates here.

Thanks: Stephen P.

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