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Devin Townsend Will Start Filming the Ziltoid TV Series Next Month!



Devin Townsend has been teasing Z2 — the follow-up to 2007’s instant classic Ziltoid album — and the related television show Ziltoid TV for at least two years now. The news blips come in fits and starts: Devin says one or the other is coming soon — only to get sidetracked by another record — and then the process repeats. Not that we can blame him; dude’s been insanely productive and consistently good in that time period, and he’s been on the road a bunch too. We’re just excitebike to the max and we very much want to see this project become reality.

So, here we go again, maybe for really real this time? Frank from Metal Injection conducted an interview with Devin at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark earlier this month, in which — between talking about his ongoing urination problems and his love for Meshuggah — he reveals that filming for Ziltoid TV will begin next month. Hooray! This is consistent with a Tweet Devin posted in April saying that filming for pilot episodes was “4 or 5 months away” and another one in June claiming the filming was one and a half months away. So maybe we’ll see this thing before the end of 2013? Certainly possible. Sounds like his next album Casualties of Cool is on the way too, and it’ll probably see the light of day before Z2.

Speaking of Devin Townsend, his Retinal Circus DVD is on the way and you can and should watch the performance of “Grace” from that set right here.

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