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Man Dies Following Stage Dive Gone Awry at Suicidal Tendencies Show


Stage Dive SilhouetteIt’s not my intention to discourage anyone from stage diving… but this is some seriously scary shit.

According to Switzerland’s Solothurner Zeitung, a twenty-eight-year-old man died following a stage dive gone awry at the Zurich stop of the 2014 Persistence Tour, which features Suicidal Tendencies, Terror,Evergreen Terrace, and Strife. Lambgoat offers this “roughly translated account” of the incident:

“Unfortunately, the concert-goer was not properly caught after jumping from the stage and fell to the ground. A security guard immediately responded and immediately helped the man. Initially, the incident didn’t look serious. After falling, the man left the concert floor, washed his hands, and then immediately began to head home. According to Pipo Kofmehl, Head of the Cultural Kofmehl, ‘Our team decided, however, that he should immediately be taken to a hospital.’ Unspecified complications subsquently occurred, including a possible seizure.”

The man passed away last Friday, January 24, two days after the stage dive.

It’s actually not that unusual for people suffering from massive head traumas to not even realize how serious the situation is at first (see: the 2009 death of actress Natasha Richardson), and this is certainly not the only time that said unrecognized trauma has been the result of leaping off the stage at a metal show — I’m sure you’ll recall that that’s how Czech Lamb of God fan Daniel Nosek died (and how Randy Blythe came to be unfairly accused of causing that death). It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just one of those tragic, uncontrollable things in life. But it’s the kind of thing where you should be aware of the risks involved, however slight. Have fun… but be safe out there, people!

Okay, that’s it, I’m done acting as your mother for the day. As you were.


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