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This is Why People Pirate Music


MetalSucks reader Jason C. (also of Craplist fame) sent in the following cartoon from TheOatmeal.com that astutely and hilariously illustrates why people resort to piracy, and it’s just too fitting not to share.

Sure, the situation with music is a bit different than with movies and TV shows. But the takeaways here are as follows:

1) If your music isn’t available EVERYWHERE a potential fan might be looking for it — iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc — then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice, losing a sale (or stream) and potentially turning a listener towards piracy.

2) Labels and bands that release albums on different dates in different countries — and use geo-blocking technology to prevent access in countries where the album isn’t “out” yet — may as well be slapping a giant “Please pirate me!” sticker on the album.

Anyway, here’s the cartoon:

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