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Famous Metal Musicians Talk About The First Time They Illegally Downloaded Music



It’ll never be as good as your first time…

Downloading that first track is the gateway…

Or something. But remember how incredible Napster was when it first came out? Napster was at its peak when I arrived as a starry-eyed freshman to my T1-equipped college dorm, and holy fuck, that shit was the Wild Wild West! I don’t remember exactly what my first illegal download was, but I do remember going to town with my roommate on Def Leppard’s discography. We listened to a shitload of Def Leppard that semester! And The Dayton Family.

We can talk about this stuff in good fun now because services like Spotify have pretty much all but eradicated illegal downloading, right? As far as I’m concerned music piracy is now obsolete — who has the time? Check out this Metal Injection clip featuring members of Revocation, Ringworm, So Hideous, Enabler, Allegaeon, Eyehategod, Rivers of Nihil, Shitkill, White Widows Pact and The Hell revealing the first track or album they ever downloaded illegally way back in the day.

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