Tommy DiCe & The Hardcores: Easily the Hardest Hardcore Band of All Time


Tommy Dice Hardcore 4 Life

I have no idea if Tommy DiCe & The Hardcores are still together or not; the below videos were posted to YouTube in 2009, and the band hasn’t updated their Facebook page since 2011. If the Massachusetts outfit has broken up, though, hopefully, this post will get them the attention they deserve, and consequently inspire them to reunite.

Here are just some of the reasons why I believe Tommy DiCe & the Hardcores are the hardest hardcore band of all time:

  • Tommy DiCe has a Sebastian Bach-like talent for constantly reminding people of his name.
  • They rightfully recognize The Mighty Mighty Bosstones as a hardcore band.
  • “The Hardcores” isn’t just some name for a backing band, like “The Heartbreakers” or “The E-Street Band” or “In This Moment” — one of the group’s members is actually named Greg Hardcores. So, y’know. That.
  • They have the finest Facebook “About” section ever composed, as well as the loosest defintion of the term “broke through” imaginable:

Tommy DiCe & the Hardcores started as a cover band and fun side-project playing classic punk and hardcore tracks. They played at some basement shows and then began writing originals. The band broke through in late 2007 with the underground smash hit “I am DiCe”, boldly introdicing themselves to the world. The band released a free 6-song Sampler in 2009 that was included with admission to “Dicefest” in January of that year. Recently, in August 2010 the band released a 14 song full-length album “That’s Just Hardcore” on Dice’s Rolling dice productions label.

So you probably already suspect that this band is really something special… but just wait ’til you hear their music!!!

Life-changing shit, right? How did this band never make it! Unless… hey… you don’t think that’s just Lord Ezec in a clever disguise… do you?!?!

Thanks: J.H.

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