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Alex Rudinger from The Faceless and Conquering Dystopia is Now Acting on Impulse

Album art by Will Fleming
Album art by Will Fleming

Sure, you already knew that Alex Rudinger was an awesome drummer because of his work with The Faceless, Conquering Dystopia, and The HAARP Machine.  But it turns out the dude has some frontman chops, too: for his new side project with guitarist/bassist/producer Greg Macklin, Acting on Impulse, Rudinger is not just the skinsman, but the vocalist as well.

Explains Rudinger via YouTube:

“This is a new project Greg & I are doing. For the record, it is strictly a side project and I do not foresee it being performed live at any point. It’s just a project where two good friends are writing together for the enjoyment of making music.

“I’ve been into vocals for about as long as I’ve been into drums. Lyrics & vocal structure have always been very important to me in a musical context. One day I asked Greg if he had any tunes I could try writing vocals to for fun. It turned out so well that we decided to do a whole EP. We had no expectations going in… hence the band name & album title.

“Having an outlet to do something other than drum has been very motivating and inspiring in my aspects. I can speak for both Greg and I when I say we had a ton of fun making this EP. No expectations or standards… just writing what came out naturally. I personally cannot wait to continue working on my vocals and hope to do a lot more of it in the future.

“Also, I should just state this now for anyone that may ask… I absolutely did not perform the drums at the same time as the vocals. Originally, I was going to program the drums as they were not on my ‘top priority’ list of things to do well. My main focus was on the lyrics and vocal structure. But, then I figured that since I play drums and can record whenever I want… I might as well track real drums. So I did. Drum videos will follow. But let it be known, my focus was really the vocals for this particular project.”

Acting on Impulse’s debut (and possible only?) EP, Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained, doesn’t have a release date yet, but I’m listening to it even as I type this, and it’s good shit. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone that likes the other bands with whom Rudinger has played wouldn’t dig this.

You can watch a video teaser for the EP, featuring samples of all the songs it contains, below. Keep your eyes peeled to the project’s Facebook page for info on how/when you can hear the whole thing.

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