Video: Steel Panther Chill with Angela Merkel at Wacken


As far as bands with important political messages go, I think we can all agree that Steel Panther is the best. The sense of tact and good will towards their fellow men shown by these men makes me wonder why we all just can’t put down the guns and the religious tracts and come together as one big happy orgy.

Thankfully, the political world has taken note, and while they were playing Wacken Open Air in Germany, chancellor Angela Merkel* scuttled by to talk with the boys about redefining her image for the younger generation (because who better to help with that than a band celebrating a genre that died choking on its own asshole twenty-five years ago). The band provides her with all the necessary tips–how to look cool, make a shocker (or just punch the vagina if it’s a big American one), and remain professional onstage by thinking about Judas Priest when confronted by pretty girls.

Watch this brilliant political discourse below. Let’s hope they do one for Putin.

*It’s not actually Angela Merkel. Don’t make an ass of yourself at the dinner table.

[via Metal Underground]


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