Cyborg Octopus Call Out Arrogant Local Bands in New Video for “Shark Pit”


cyborg octopusEvery local scene’s got ’em: bands that don’t speak to any of the other bands at their shows, stand in the back (arms crossed) during their sets, take forever loading their gear onto and off of the stage, and just collect their cash and leave before the show is over.

Cyborg Octopus — who we’ve featured in our “Unsigned and Unholy” column before — have taken a humorous approach to calling out asshole scene bands in their latest video for the track “Shark Pit,” via Heavy Blog. The video features the lyrics in bouncy-ball format flashing across the bottom of the screen on top of the band playing live, so even those of us who have a hard time discerning screamed metal vocals (i.e. most of us) can get the gist. While Cyborg Octopus are normally a progressive death metal band, they’ve taken the post-hardcore route for this one to really drive the point home. They’re some funny lads! We’ve posted their most recent album below, too, if you’re just getting hip to these guys.

Apewhale Entertainment will re-release Cyborg Octopus’s debut album Learning To Breathe on November 25th; pre-order here.


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