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Pugtopsy: Like Cryptopsy, But With a Pug



Pugtopsy bill themselves as a “Pug-fronted black metal outfit,” but their sound isn’t actually very black metal so much as it’s Sumeriancore (even though they’re on Artery). Regardless of how you classify their music, however, you’ll classify their vocalist, Pupcake, as “adorable.” For example, according to a press release, when Pupcake was “asked about the main inspiration for the track,” he or she (Pupcake is all about gender fluidity) responded thusly:

“Aaaaaahhhhhh huhnfuhnhuuunfrrrr blehhhhhhhhh.”

Holy crap, somebody get this cutie a Snausage!

Check out Pugtopsy’s new single and video, “Snorts of Sorrow,” below. They’re now selling a t-shirt to benefit Neüterhead: Ace of Spays, too. You can buy one here. No word on when we can expect a co-headlining tour with Pug Destroyer.

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