Prophets of Rage are Selling a “Resistance Party Pack” Ski Mask


There are those who have attacked Prophets of Rage (and, in the past, Rage Against the Machine) for continuing to champion subversive, anti-establishment political and social causes despite their continued commercial success. Those people assert that fighting for the oppressed cannot go hand in hand with earning money, that those two goals are contradictory.

To those people I say: that’s such a bunch of bullshit! That these men, some now in their 50s, are living beyond comfortable lifestyles yet continue to fearlessly and relentlessly fight the fight proves how dedicated they are, that their intentions are true and pure. These are men that have NEVER wavered from their core beliefs and continue to speak out for what they believe in, every. single. fucking. day.

Tom Morello and co. are using their platform to fight for good once again with their latest merch item. Dubbed the “Resistance Party Pack,” the $50 bundle includes a copy of the band’s new self-titled album on CD or LP (your choice), a poster, t-shirt, four postcards, four pins and a letter from the band. A deluxe version of the pack includes all of that plus a windbreaker jacket, an iron-on patch, a signed version of the same letter offered in the standard version and a Prophets of Rage “Unfuck the World” ski mask.

A ski mask! Fuck yeah.

Lest you go criticizing the band for trying to capitalize on the recent events in Charlottesville for financial gain, they unveiled these packs on Friday, before the terrorist, racist, shithead of a colostomy bag known as James Alex Fields Jr. killed an innocent woman. I’d be surprised if any specific event(s) inspired them to manufacture such an item… but it’s probably got something to do with, ya know, the complete ineptitude and tacit bigotry of the current administration, or the sad state of race relations in our country, or the continued oppression of all manner of minorities here.. or, or, or, and the list goes on. Issues that are, unfortunately, ongoing, and way too often ignored. Issues that these men have been screaming about given any opportunity for three fucking decades now (some of them for four!).

Check out and order the “Resistance Party Pack” here. Listen to their latest single “Radical Eyes” from the band’s self-titled debut, which drops September 15; pre-order here.

[via The PRP]

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