Go and Be Free With Adimiron’s Et Liber Eris


Adimiron’s newest release Et Liber Eris is out today and available to stream Spotify, and oh me oh my am I excited.

It’s so good! I am completely drawn in by every sound throughout the album. It’s so dreamlike and otherworldly, surreal in essence. It’s not all as dark in feel as “Zona Del Silencio,” the final track on the album, nor is it always so unearthly; at times it washes happy, with warm wistful moments and beautiful high bridges with complex and engaging riffs. Those seconds of light color are emphasized with chasms of gripping intensity that throttle you and contort a calm ballad into a heavy, impassioned cry that lashes out. Never do I doubt how metal it is, even when it calms down. Powerful drumming never overcomes any of the music and keeps it firmly anchored to the ground, guitars chug along and sing long, beautiful notes as they expertly paint the scene before us, the bass opens the skies for us to imagine whatever we like, and the vocals sit in perfect harmony with the atmosphere even as it shifts between dreamy and nightmarish.

I am really, thoroughly pleased with this album.

Check out Et Liber Eris below, and you can order it here or on Google Play and iTunes.


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