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Prog Metal Masters Adimiron Return with “The Sentinel”


adimironWe’ve been super into Italian prog metal act Adimiron ever since MS scribe Dave Mustein declared their 2012 release K2 THE Album That Will Fuck Your Face Off in our yearly preview series. Since then we’ve waxed ecstatic about new music whenever it comes our way and we even premiered one of their videos.

Adimiron are poised to return this year with Et Liber Eris, set to be released this coming fall. The first single from the album, “The Sentinel” has now been made its way online, and it’s an instant reminder of why we liked this band so much five years ago (and have only grown to like them more and more since): it’s been constructed with an Opethian flare for the artful and dramatic, it hits as hard as post-prog-metal masters The Ocean in their heavier moments, and it’s melodically tasty as fuck, calling to mind Leprous and their peers. What’s not to like?

Says Adimiron’s founder and composer Alessandro Castelli:

“Our new journey starts with a jump into the darkest depths of the human consciousness, evoking memories, unspoken thoughts that connect us inextricably with the intangible. The Sentinel is there, ready to accompany us on our psychedelic trip, through reflections of what we feel but cannot touch. Enjoy these first minutes from “Et Liber Eris”, where the extreme soul of the band comes out and dissolves in a progressive, dramatic scenario.”

Check out “The Sentinel” below. Et Liber Eris comes out on November 3rd via Indie Recordings and can be pre-ordered here.

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