Listen: Wake’s “Embers” Will Grind You to Mush



According to Wake vocalist Kyle Bell, the grindcore outfit’s new song, “Embers,” is about “self-destruction and the unwillingness to change.” This is, duh, clearly in keeping with the lyrical motif of Wake’s sophomore offering, Misery Rites, which, Bell says, “follows a theme of cycles, the main cycle being the metaphorical killing of the person you hate being only to eventually end up back in the same place, just to start the cycle again.”

In other words, this is shit is perfectly timed for mid-January, when everyone’s pathetic New Years Resolutions begin to fall apart (if they haven’t already). By the time Misery Rites comes out at the end of next month, we will all know for sure that our gym memberships, swear jars, word-a-day calendars, renewed New Yorker subscriptions, and freshly-purchased copies of War and Peace and Infinite Jest were for nothing.

So when you need a homicidal soundtrack to make you feel better about having the willpower of a Sea Monkey, keep Wake in mind.

Misery Rites comes out February 23 on Translation Loss. You can also check out the title track over at Decibel.

[via Exclaim!]


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