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Get Decimated by Mendacium’s Decimating Titans

  • Axl Rosenberg

Mendacium’s name may be Latin for “a lie,” but the band’s music is the fucking truth. A press release promises that the latest project from multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jackson (Void Ritual) music “will take you back to Battles-era Immortal, Anthems-era Emperor, and Angelcorpse; I’d add some of the chunkier blackened DM riffage of Behemoth to that list, but otherwise, it’s pretty accurate.

If that is somehow not enough to entice you to check out Mendacium, I’ll add that the project’s debut EP, Decimating Titans, is exceptionally well-written. As demonstrated by the de facto title track, “Decimating the Titans,” the EP is the perfect mix of vitriolic and catchy. It’s like laying down on the world’s most comfortable memory foam mattress right before an avalanche of rocks caves your roof in on top of you. And as a bonus, Decimating Titans‘ lyrical theme is perfect for politically progressive metal fans: “a barbaric fantasy of revenge against a society plagued by bigotry and a country bending to the will of conservative evangelists.” (And before any conservative readers freak the fuck out about advocating violence, note that the key word in that description is “fantasy.”) So, basically, you can keep this at the ready to help you blow off steam after you’ve been made seething mad by the day’s news.

Check out “Decimating the Titans” below. Mendacium originally released Decimating Titans via Bandcamp last year, but Redefining Darkness Records will re-issue it with a new bonus track on February 9. You can listen to more tracks from the EP, as well place a pre-order, here. If you’re the kind of cat who still digs cassettes, they’re making fifty of those, so get on it.

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