Rivers of Nihil Announce New Album, Premiere New Song

Art by Dan Seagrave
Art by Dan Seagrave

Some of you will surely accuse me of being biased since Vince is biased, despite the fact that I don’t really have anything to do with the band, but whatever: I’ve heard Rivers of Nihil’s new album, Where Owls Know My Name, and it is in-fucking-credible, representing both a major creative evolution for the band and their best work to date. It’s easily an early contender for best metal album of 2018, too. Choose not to believe me if you want. It will be like choosing not to believe in gravity. Eventually, the truth is gonna hit you, and hard.

In this case, the truth will hit you on March 16, when Metal Blade releases Where Owls Know My Name. Or it might hit you right now, when you listen to the first single from the record, “The Silent Life.” A sprawling, cinematic, edge-of-your seat work of progressive melodeath that includes extreme music’s sexiest saxophone solo, it’s just the tiniest of samples of the vast scope Owls has to offer. But I’m betting it’s enough to hook you. (I’m also betting that the phrase “It seems my work is never truly DONE!” will be stuck in your head for the next three months, but that’s a whole other story.)

Listen to “The Silent Life,” very possibly the best new song you hear this week, below. Then go here to pre-order Where Owls Know My Name. The band will be part of a MetalSucks-sponsored tour with Dying Fetus, Thy Fart is Murder, Enterprise Earth, and Sanction starting in March. Get dates here!!!

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