Stream Tomb Mold’s Filthy New EP Cerulean Salvation


Some say metal is dying, that it’s no longer getting any attention from mainstream media, nor has there been a new “big” band to hit the scene in quite a while. I say if metal really is dyin, it must be in that phase where the brain goes bonkers and starts releasing a ton of DMT, because there’s so much delightfully weird, twisted music coming out right now that there’s no other explanation.

Take, for example, The Greatest Band of the Modern Age Tomb Mold (ugh, damn autocorrect!). These Canadian lads have rose to prominence in such a short time that it’s kind of scary, churning out one nasty release after another faster than Corey Taylor can come up with opinions on things. Their latest, Cerulean Salvation, is no exception to their disgustingly good catalogue, executed with the top-notch artistry and finesse that we’ve come to expect from Tomb Mold. This release dives even further into the slimy, cavernous depths of death metal, and though it’s only about 12 minutes long, they’re the most punishing 12 minutes you’ll experience all week.

Cassette copies of Cerulean Salvation are currently sold out, but digital downloads are available as well as pre-orders for the second tape pressing. In the meantime, show the bois some love and pick up some dope-ass merch. Stream below.

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