Shit That Comes Out Today: June 8, 2018

  • Phil Boozeman

You are all disappointments. I gave you guys an opportunity to get me fired and hardly anyone took advantage of it. So that’s it, no more chances to remove me from STCOT. I tried to help you guys but you didn’t actually care so now you’re stuck with me until I decide I’m done. You had one job. ONE JOB. Whatever. I’ll be listening to Lago and Exmortus while you nerds are all grounded for not following instructions.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 8, 2018Devin Townsend
Eras Vol. 1 (Vinyl) (N/A)
On a playlist with…the dude has written so much music that he’s his own playlist
Listen: Addicted (full album)

I got the god damn holy shit trolled out of me when I saw a new Devin Townsend release this week so that means that all of you get to be let down too. Eras Vol. 1 is not new music, but rather the first in a series of 4 vinyl box sets, this one features Addicted, Deconstruction and Ki. With this fancy package you’ll get lyric books, comments from Townsend himself and maybe even a dick sword and vagina shield. Fine, I might have made one of those up, but don’t tell me it doesn’t sound like something he would do.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 8, 2018Exmortus
The Sound Of Steel (Prosthetic)
On a playlist with Warbringer, Skeletonwitch and Revocation
Listen: “Victory or Death”

The album artwork for Steel looks like a barbarian version of Morderkaiser from League of Legends fighting Conan the Barbarian. As such, it should be no surprise that this album sounds epic as fuck based on what we’ve heard. It’s got some of the physical traits or Mordekaiser and is the auditory equivalent of him showing that big ass mace in your ear. But at this point, what else do you expect from the masters of powerthrash? Note: I take a strong moral stance against League of Legends and all who play it.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 8, 2018Yob
Our Raw Heart (Relapse)
On a playlist with Electric Wizard, Pallbearer and Neurosis
Listen: “The Screen”

In Excretakano’s review of Yob’s Our Raw Heart, he refers to the band as “meditation metal” and I have to say that I agree with that. Although “The Screen” is certainly the heaviest song that Yob have released and wouldn’t be anything I would meditate to, the repetition of the track, and the album in general, has a calming effect on the mind and could easily be something you could turn on when you get to the office and listen to while you trudge through menial paperwork. And who knows, maybe you’ll accidentally transcend time and space while listening to this band. Who’s paying rent and credit card debt now? Not you. Thanks, Yob.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 8, 2018Lago
Sea Of Duress (Unique Leader) listen
On a playlist with Morbid Angel, Behemoth and The Kennedy Veil
Listen: “Soiled is the Crown”

There has been some seriously awesome stuff coming out on Unique Leader lately. All the death metal. Fucking all of it. Lago are your classic death metal with elements of Behemoth/black metal spice thrown in that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Don’t believe me? Check out what Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder had to say about them: “Like innovators Morbid Angel, Lago do their evil thing with a lot of confidence and otherworldly style. It’s creative, organic, and atmospheric death metal wizardry that oozes with real feelings of arcane magic.” Trevor knows his death metal. If he likes it and I like it, then you should like it too. This is my favorite release of the week.

Shit That Comes Out Today: June 8, 2018Tomb Mold
Manor Of Infinite Forms (20 Buck Spin)
On a playlist with Draghkar, Blaakyum and Witchsorrow
Listen: “Abysswalker”

Holy Christ these dudes are fucking gnarly. If I ever need music to soundscape me fucking a corpse that’s been in the ground for 6 months while I bash my own skull in with a hammer, then Tomb Mold are my first choice. This is not death metal for the weak of heart and is easily the heaviest thing dropping this week. So you know what? Fuck the gym and fuck fitness. Listening to this album will give your ears such a workout that you can drink all the beer you want this weekend and you won’t get fat. Not even a little bit! You’re welcome.

Battleroar Codex Epicus (Cruz Del Sur) listen
Dead Sara Temporary Things Taking Up Space (EP) (Atlantic) listen
King Heavy Guardian Demons (Cruz del Sur Music) listen
Lesser Glow Ruined (Pelagic Records) listen
Nereis Turning Point (Eclipse) listen
Pelagos Revolve (Svart Records) listen
Refuge Solitary Men (Frontiers) listen
Sunstorm Road To Hell (Frontiers) listen
Tremonti A Dying Machine (Napalm) listen
Trillium Tectonic (Frontiers) listen
Zeal & Ardor Stranger Fruit (MVKA Records) listen

Black Sabbath
Supersonic Years (Vinyl Box Set) (Rhino) listen
In Hearts Wake Ark (Deluxe Edition) (UNFD) listen
Megadeth Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good – The Final Kill (Century Media/Legacy Recordings) listen
Merrimack Ashes Of Purification (Reissue) listen
Tsjuder Throne Of The Goat (Expanded Edition) listen

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